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Welcome to my Passion Project Brave Babes. I am Kyla Seipp a mentor, facilitator, mother, daughter, friend, fierce creator and all-around compassionate human. I have created Brave Babes as a way to empower our young women through connection, communication, and ceremony. Mentoring young women is an incredible privilege with great responsibility. Mentorship to our developing youth is one spanning generations before us, but has been lost in today's society. The value our ancestors put into coming of ages practices are long forgotten by mainstream Australian culture.



Brave Babes was created to Empower A New Normal. A normal where our youth feel connection to themselves, each other and to our planet. Where they are valued as equals and future leaders of society. A normal where they are given opportunities to express themselves and be heard. A normal where they bear witness to the wisdom of Elders. A new normal that is really a deep remembering of our ancestor’s practices.

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